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This stunning Raku-glazed ceramic raven bottle pendant measures approximately 50 x 43mm (not including stopper) and is suspended from a 24″ stainless steel chain. The bottle is glazed inside and out, and is closed with a little cork stopper – ideal for holding an essential oil or small treasure.

Necklace material – stainless steel
Necklace length – 24″ (60.9cm)
Pendant material – high-fired ceramic; cork
Pendant size – 50 x 43mm (not including cork)
Colour – blue; silver

Additional information

Pendant size

46 x 40mm (not including cork)

Necklace length

24" (60.9cm)


Bronze, Brown, Green, Grey


Cork, High-fired ceramic, Metal alloy, nickel and lead-free, Waxed cotton cord, Wood