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Pink and White Rose Cameo Bronze Wire Bangle


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This bronze wire-banded cuff bangle is inset with a pink and white rose cameo cabochon. The bangle is 20mm high at it’s highest point, and measures 70 x 63mm. You can either slip in over your hand, or the ends of the wire unhook – be warned, it is springy, and is liable to launch the cameo like a trebuchet unless you are careful!

Size – 70 x 63mm
Cabochon size – 25 x 18mm
Colour – pink; white; bronze

Additional information


Bronze, Pink, White


Bronze alloy, lead and nickel-free, Resin


70 x 63mm

Cabochon size

25 x 18mm oval

Made by

Handmade by Leigh at Dragonrat Jewellery

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