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Four Nations White Beaded Snowflake Ornament


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This Christmas tree decoration has been hand-beaded with a white and black acrylic letter beads onto a strong metal wire frame. Each ‘arm’ of the snowflake has a different word; Yule, Christmas, Noel, Nollaig (Scots Gaelic), Nadolig (Welsh), or Nollag (Irish), all of which refer to the same period of the year in different languages and religions of the British Isles. The snowflake is approximately 5.5×5″ (140x125mm), and is suspended from a knotted silver cord.

The acrylic beads make this ornament ideal for the lower branches of the tree where children or pets are more likely to bump into it, as acrylic is much less fragile than glass or foil.

Aftercare: please store flat, and protect from scratches during storage.

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Acrylic, Beading wire


5.5×5" (140x125mm)


Silver, White

Made by

Handmade by Leigh at Dragonrat Jewellery