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These bronze Egyptian Eye of Horus charms measure approximately 26x33mm, and are mounted on bronze clip-on fittings.

Clip/screw fitting – bronze
Other materials – bronze
Size – 26 x 33mm
Colour – bronze

Also known as the Wadjet Eye and Udjet Eye, this symbol represents the eye of the moon which Set stole from Horus and which was later restored to him by Thoth.

It is a popular protection amulet, worn to protect against evil, symbolising the power of light embodied in the solar god Horus. It was also painted in pairs on coffins and sarcophagi to protect the enclosed body.

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Bronze alloy, lead and nickel-free

Charm size

26 x 33mm

Made by

Handmade by Leigh at Dragonrat Jewellery

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