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These bronze ankhs measure approximately 22 x 13mm, and are suspended from matching clip on fittings.

The fittings are ingenious – they are a combination of clip- and screw-on clasps. Simply screw them on the first time to ensure proper fit, then use them as standard clips from then on.

The ankh is an Egyptian amulet, and means ‘life’, ‘living’ and ‘everlasting life’ when expressed as a hieroglyph. It refers not only to the earthly world but also the afterlife, second life, spirit.

The symbol of the ankh combines the generative principles of woman (the loop) and man (the remainder) in a single design.

Another interpretation is that of a dam thrown across the Nile, which forms a lake of life-giving waters, The upright is the Nile, the cross bar the dam and the loop the resulting lake.

Clip/screw fitting – bronze metal alloy, lead and nickel-free
Other materials – bronze metal alloy, lead and nickel-free
Charm size – 22 x 13mm
Colour – bronze

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Bronze alloy, lead and nickel-free

Charm size

22 x 13mm

Made by

Handmade by Leigh at Dragonrat Jewellery

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