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This beautiful Ammonite fossil pendant is suspended from an 18″ stainless steel curb chain necklace. Ammonites were cephalopods (related to current day octopuses, cuttlefishes, nautiluses and squid), and lived between 65 and 240 million years ago. The pendant is made by splitting a fossil in two and polishing the exposed area. It is then wrapped in a silver-plated surround.

Necklace material – stainless steel
Necklace length – 18″ (45.7cm)
Pendant material – fossilised Ammonite, plated metal alloy (nickel and lead-free)
Pendant size – varies, usually between 45-48 x 30mm
Colour – grey, brown, silver

Please note: each fossil varies, and may face either way.

Additional information

Pendant size


Necklace length

18" (45.7cm)


Ammonite, Silver plated metal, lead and nickel-free, Stainless steel


Brown, Grey, Silver

Made by

Handmade by Leigh at Dragonrat Jewellery


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